Why Organic?

Our great-great-grandparents subsisted on a completely organic diet. Modern or conventional farming methods that involve the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides simply did not exist back then. Over the last century, our diet and farming practices have changed significantly, however our bodies and our genetics have not.

You can’t expect to fuel your body and achieve optimal health by eating food, laced with toxic chemicals, that your body doesn’t recognize. So, why settle for getting by when you can thrive? Here are my top four reasons to eat like your ancestors and adopt an organic* diet.


What About Delivery?

CNFM will be providing a streamline network making ordering and selling from our future app a pleasant experience.

Who Are You Serving?

The Centerview Neighborohood Farmer’s Market is designed to serve the local community as well those surrounding communities that they might be encouraged to do the same.  It provides an inner community connectivity between neighbors and friends offering a common platform that the community can come together on.  CNFM aims to provide an environment that gathers our neighbors together enabling the chance for new friends or discussing topics which can improve how the city tends to our roads sidewalks etc. while having fun selling and trading goods in a back drop of some cool jazz and reggae.

What Are The Benefints?

  • You water your plants anyway so why not a plant that you can eat and earn from?
  • extra income
  • something cool to do
  • never having to question your food again
  • community, community, community

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